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I adore my sessions with Khaaliq

because he responds to your specific needs. He has a lot of knowledge and makes you feel at ease regardless of your skill level. He adequately challenges you, makes working out enjoyable, and overall motivates you to exercise.

None of that insecure feeling you get in a public gym. I would suggest him to everyone, regardless of their level of fitness.

Doing training sessions with Khaaliq has improved my knee strength, when I first started I was not able to do a full jumping squat. He worked with me while keeping the workout fun, incorporating weights to help me gain muscle. I was very sketchy at first, he educated me on strength training. He shared fun quick meals vegan friendly, made his time very flexible. Was on point with posture structure, and making sure I got to the gym no excuses. I recommend him to anyone that is new on their journey, from gaining to losing weight you will not regret it.

Ahmari Seabron

Laquisha Banks

Outdoor Workout


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